This Personal Data Privacy Policy (“Policy”) aims to establish the processing of personal data by ALVAZ SERVIÇOS AGRÍCOLAS LTDA, including in digital media, in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 13,709/2018 (“LGPD”).


ALVAZ respects its partners and the privacy of holders of personal data and is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, respect and security of the data it receives
Our customers, partners, suppliers and employees, when using, developing, consuming or contracting our products/services, are aware of our commitment to the security and privacy of personal data, and that ALVAZ is always acting in an adequate and transparent manner regarding to the respective treatment.
This Policy establishes how the collection, use and transferation of information from people who access our services and products is done.


This Policy represents ALVAZ's commitment to the protection of personal data, based on the following principles:
  • Privacy;
  • Transparency;
  • Secrecy and Confidentiality;
  • Inviolability of Honor, Image, Private Life and Intimacy;
  • Freedom of Expression, Information, Communication and Opinion;
  • Human Rights;
  • Purpose and Adequacy of data processing;
  • Informative Self-Determination;
  • Free access: guaranteed access to treatment;
  • Non-discrimination;
  • Other provisions contained in the LGPD.


We clarify below the nomenclatures used by the Personal Data Privacy Policy to enable a clear and accessible understanding of this document:
  • Holder: person to whom the data being processed refers.
  • Personal Data: any personal information, in written or digital form, that has been collected by ALVAZ for a specific purpose and/or need for legal compliance.
  • Controller: person responsible for data processing decisions.
  • Operator: person who carries out the processing of data on behalf of the controller.
  • Processing: operations carried out with the data (collection, use, access, storage, elimination, transfer).
  • Database: structured dataset (physical or digital)


To justify the collection and processing of personal data, we disclose the purposes and justifications for its use in order to enable the provision of services, improve the user experience and the development of work activities.
The data obtained are intended to comply with legal requirements (requirements provided for in the CLT - Law No. 5,452/43, Civil Code - Law No. 10,406/2002, in the Personal Data Privacy Policy  itself and other applicable legislation) related to the formalization, implementation and respect for the obligations and rights of each type of legal relationship signed with ALVAZ, guaranteeing the use of this data for legitimate purposes.


From the moment the holder consents, ALVAZ uses the collected data.
Thus, we clarify that consent is a free, informed and unequivocal expression by which the holder of the information authorizes ALVAZ to process their data.
This means that, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law, the data collected by ALVAZ will only be collected, processed and stored with the prior and express authorization of the holder.
Consent will be obtained specifically for each of the purposes described in the items above, evidencing the commitment to ALVAZ's practices of transparency and good faith towards its customers, suppliers, partners and employees, always following the relevant legal guidelines.
When accessing ALVAZ, whether by digital means (website, email, whatsapp, company systems), or, in person, and provide personal data, the holder must be aware and consent to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, in addition to know your rights and how to exercise them.


ALVAZ only shares data with those who really need to have access to the personal data to fulfill the purpose/object of the contract, or for legal purposes.Even so, ALVAZ requires that its suppliers have the same care and levels of protection with the information of the holders that ALVAZ itself has.


The holder has easy access to information about the processing of his data, which will be made available in a clear and free way. If the holder wants to know what data ALVAZ has, or to clarify any doubts about this Policy, just call tel. (43) 3067-1442 and/or send an e-mail to with the subject “LGPD”, or to

Through these communication channels, the holder also has the right to:
- confirm the existence of data processing/treatment;
- access the data;
- correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
- anonymize, block or eliminate unnecessary, excessive or processed data in breach of the LGPD;
- request the deletion of personal data processed with the consent of the holder;
- request information from public and private entities with which ALVAZ has shared data use;
- know the form and duration of the treatment and obtain information about possible shared use of data by ALVAZ;
- information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of denial.
The holder also has the right to revoke consent by means of a written statement, via a simple procedure, free of charge and facilitated through contact via email to
ALVAZ emphasizes that the revocation of consent for the processing of data may imply the impossibility of the adequate performance of the provision of services and/or delivery of products. Such consequences will be informed to the holder by ALVAZ as soon as there is contact to revoke consent.


  • The confidentiality, privacy, integrity and availability of data;
  • Security against unauthorized access and modification;
  • Development of data governance and security measures, with training for the areas and employees who access the data;
  • Protection of the database against tampering;
  • Audits and inspections of database protection systems;
  • Alvaz's electronic records are made available and maintained in backups with limited access;
  • Prevention of security incidents;
  • Responses and attendance to requests from holders;
  • Esponses to requests from the national data protection agency;
  • Information to the holders about possible changes in the data.informação aos titulares sobre eventuais alterações nos dados. 
It is worth mentioning that even with all efforts and using the most modern preventive protection technologies on the market, the holder understands and agrees that computers connected to the internet are subject and may be vulnerable, as new viruses, malware, network corruption, overload, among others, appear. Therefore, there is no full guarantee that the information cannot be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed as a result of violation of all security measures taken. If this occurs, ALVAZ will inform the holder of the occurrence, as well as the National Data Protection Agency (ANPD).


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ALVAZ undertakes to stop processing and deleting the data provided in the following situations:
  • when the purpose of providing services and/or delivering products is achieved, the data will no longer be necessary and may be deleted;
  • if there is a determination of the national authority;
  • upon communication from the holder, including in the exercise of their right to withdraw consent, safeguarding the public interest and compliance with legal obligations.
This Personal Data Privacy Policy expresses the commitment of ALVAZ SERVIÇOS AGRÍCOLAS LTDA. in complying with current legislation and good management practices, and may be reviewed and amended at any time depending on the need for legal adaptation and/or adjustments to improve the privacy management of data handled by the company.

Approval date: 01/05/2021. Version 1.

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