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Sustentabilidade 05.23.2022


Sustainability is the ability to sustain or maintain a process or system within a long-term scenario. The word sustainable derives from the Latin “sustentare” and means to sustain, support, conserve and care. The sustainability concept is a necessary alternative to guarantee the survival of the planet's natural resources and it's driven by green development solutions with a long-term view.

Balancing economic development with environmental conservation is challenging and will only succeed through the ideals of sustainable development. According to the World Commission on Environment and Development created by the UN, this eco-development can be defined as: “development capable of meeting the needs of the present generation, ensuring the ability to meet the needs of future generations”.

In our business, we have the concept of sustainable agriculture, which proposes to increase production respecting nature and guaranting quality of life for next generations without causing environmental damage

The UN forecast is that the world population will reach almost 10 billion people in 2050. This means that agriculture will have the challenge of feeding a growing number of inhabitants in a balanced way with the preservation of the environment.This is definitely a noble reason to develop technologies that aim to significantly increase productivity and quality in the production of food, fiber and energy.

Alvaz commitment is to offer services that are fully connected to the sustainable global demand

“Sustainability consists in building with the future in mind”

Renzo Piano


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