Company origin

We started with the desire of being protagonists in precision agriculture development as well as creating innovative solutions so the market could tackle agricultural challenges.

The initial idea of founding Alvaz came as the result of deep and productive conversations about the incessant search for tools that add real value to the crops, including extensive agronomic research. We understood that, at that moment, the technologies available and the digital innovation in agriculture were below of what experts predicted.

“I like the impossible because there's less competition”.

Walt Disney

The challenge was and remains very clear: Generate sustainable benefits through accurate and impactful agronomic information.

We combined our partners' great expertise and background to build up Alvaz and iniciate our business journey in 2018. As a priority, we defined our values throughout rich discussions to establish the company's MISSION, VISION and PURPOSE.

  • Our brand name, ALVAZ, bring together two portuguese powerful words: ALVO + VIVAZ, meaning TARGET + LIVE. As a central element, the word TARGET symbolizes our focus on work and determination on generating crucial crop information. The word LIVE is then added to ensure fluidity and pass by the message of vigor and life, concepts linked to agriculture.

  • Alvaz branding and visual communication reflect these same premises. Our logo is designed to symbolize a target and the colors, green and blue, were choosen to link to the concept of nature, its forces and the inexhaustible resources of agriculture.

In a short period of time, we have attained important achievements through knowledge and technological innovation. We are confident and fully adherent to our values in pursuit of our corporate vision.


Our corporate structure is built by agronomists with extensive technical and business experience - which includes genetic improvement, seeds, technologies and crop protection products development.

Our leaders acquired experience over many years of work in the most relevant agricultural regions in Brazil and numerous interactions with farmers, researchers, co-operatives, distributors and consultants.

This solid and pratical coexistence with people ”on the field” allowed us to really understand what are the most urgent demands coming from the farm.

“Be the change you want to see in the world".
Mahatma Gandhi
  • Breno Francovig Rachid

    Degree in Agronomic Engineering from the State University of Londrina; Master's degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the State University of Londrina (2008); PhD in Agronomy with emphasis in Phytotechnics at the State University of Londrina and MBA in Industrial Management by Senai Londrina.

  • Flavio Salvadori

    Degree in Agronomic Engineering; Post Graduated in Commercial and Business Management; Harvard Business School – Certificate of Management Excellence (Executive Education); M.I.T. Sloan School of Management – Executive Certificate in Strategy & Innovation (Executive Education). Professional experience: 35 years in commercial management in agribusiness Syngenta, Monsanto e TMG)

Academic and professional experiences of the owner partners:

“Don't try to be a successful person. Instead, be a person of worth”.

Albert Einstein

Corporate Governance & Alvaz Employees

We have invested on creating a healthy, challenging and motivating work environment.

We are committed to diversity and social inclusion, always putting effort in forming a diversified work structure with teams made up by different mindsets, origins, cultures, knowledge, skills and backgrounds.

Having people with different perspectives and points of view is definitely a competitive differential that optimize Alvaz activities with creativity in problem solving, but above all, we are happy developing people for life beyond the business.

Following these premises, we also generate several opportunities for job market entrants such as trainees, exchange students, interns and junior employees.

Our focus on people development and performance management walk side-by-side with Alvaz's Organizational Competencies.

Human Resources processes are reflected in several tools that are being developed and implemented as we grow:

  • Definition, communication and practice of Organizational Competencies

  • Assessment of Individual Competencies & Individual Development Plans

  • Individual Performance Analysis & Structured Feedback

  • Job Description by Seniority & Salaries

We give particular attention to internal processes, policies and procedures, aiming full adherence to current legislation and the best interests of the parties involved.

It is our main interest to maintain good management habits and appropriate conduct respecting data confidentiality (LGPD), administrative rules and legal and tax obligations.

Our Company strategic plan and conduct are aligned with compliance directives, corporate governance, maximum ethical standards of conduct and internal controls. We work within the Regulation of UAVs and pilots referring to Brazilian legislation (ANAC, ANATEL, DECEA).

“Acting in accordance with what is said, aligning discourse and practice besides being an ethical posture is a sign of authenticity.

Mario Sérgio Cortella

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails to always reach for our destination."


Our purpose

Alvaz's purpose is to ensure that the best solutions and technologies reach the producer as fast as possible by generating valuable agronomic information, resulting in an accurate technical positioning of our clientele.

Furthermore, we aim to generate real and sustainable gains, guaranteeing the satisfaction of professionals, users and employees. Being part of impactful projects in partnership with clients who share our ideals is fulfilling for Alvaz.

We consider that our service has been successfully concluded only when accurate and impactful agronomic information is made available for our clients. triggers value creation for partners and farmers. This is what triggers value generation for our stakeholders.


Disruptive innovation

In order to Leading company in agronomic services
How? Breaking the current technical market standards with outstanding results. Promoting structural changes along the value creation chain through innovative technological solutions and continuous evolution

Strategic alliances

In order to Reach and positively impacting largest number of farmers and researchers
How? Making strategic alliances with companies that develop and provide agricultural technologies joining forces to achieve mutual benefits. Also combining complementary expertise, resources and strategies.

Sustainable benefit

In order to Generate wealth for agribusiness
How? By providing immediate and measurable improvements, increasing the competitive advantage, delivering great agronomic impacts and ensuring higher profitability, sustainability gains and well-being for all stakeholders.


Generate sustainable agronomic benefits through accurate technical information that have real impact.


Be a global reference in innovation in Agriculture 5.0


“Simplicity is the ultimate degree of sophistication”.

Leonardo da Vinci

We have a simple and consistent Strategic Plan that was built by a combination of three pillars which are responsible to sustain the business with high performance and continuous evolution: deliver value to our customer, develop research and co-operation among the staff.

As a result of the combination between our strategic perspectives with the three pillars listed above we have the following organizational priorities:

  • Make innovative, profitable and sustainable benefit services available to our clients.
  • Conquer and solidify strategic alliances
  • Achieve operational excellence and support performance management
  • Cultivate a company culture focused on continuous improvement and personal development
  • Bring together a diversified, competent and high-performance team


  • + 00 Million images
    processed (350 tb)

  • + 00 Million analysis generated
    per area

  • + 00 Million research
    plots analyzed

  • + 00 Thousand drones

  • + 00 Thousand places

(*)Data referring to the 21/22 harvest

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