We generate technical agronomic benefits through accurate and impactful information.

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“Nothing, absolutely nothing resists a good work” - E. J. Zerbini

Our values

  • Disruptive innovation

    Leading company in agronomic services

  • Strategic alliances

    Reach and positively impacting largest number of farmers and researchers

  • Sustainable benefit

    Generate wealth for agribusiness

Our Purpose

Alvaz's purpose is to ensure that the best solutions and technologies reach the producer as fast as possible by generating valuable agronomic information, resulting in an accurate technical positioning of our clientele.

Furthermore, we aim to generate real and sustainable gains, guaranteeing the satisfaction of professionals, users and employees. Being part of impactful projects in partnership with clients who share our ideals is fulfilling for Alvaz.

Our “Final Product” is the provision of accurate and impactful agronomic information that generates value for all the stakeholders.

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  • + 00 Million images
    processed (350 tb)

  • + 00 Million analysis generated
    per area

  • + 00 Million research
    plots analyzed

  • + 00 Thousand drones

  • + 00 Thousand places

(*)Data referring to the 21/22 harvest

What we do?

Alvaz core business is to develop and operate software and algorithms that transform the images captured in the field into relevant agronomic information.

Developing precise and impactful algorithms is certainly Alvaz's biggest challenge.

Each step of Alvaz's workflow is led by a professional specialist who runs their sector and direct reports that form a team with diversified expertises and technical skills. AGRONOMIC INTELLIGENCE is to generate real value services to producers and researchers through information.

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Agriculture 5.0

Agriculture 5.0 aims to offer agronomic information so that, through digital data, more assertive decisions can be taken.

The use of disruptive technologies encourages Agriculture 5.0 to create innovative agricultural production models.

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“The best advertising is done by satisfied customers”.

Philip Kotler


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